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Way Cool Dads is a site dedicated to amazing dads who have been real-life heroes to their loved ones--a site committed to reliving the stories of the dads who give everything and consistently rise to the occasion. Here at Way Cool Dads, we believe in celebrating the heroism of the man who sacrificed everything to give you the best life possible. We believe that a cool dad is the one who stands up for his family, his loved ones, or anyone who needs protection at any given time. The most amazing fathers are the ones that don't let you down in a time of crisis. He is the man--a real man, who stands by you when things get out of control. He doesn't brag about his contributions or his sacrifice...he simply does it out of pure love and affection.

At Way Cool Dads, we want to hear stories about your super-dad. We want to let the world know about the real heroes out there: the dads who give there all and put their family first. A cool dad keeps his calm, even when calamity hits. He does what he has to and doesn't ask for a reward. Share the amazing stories about the hero dad in your life! Send us your pictures and videos! Find great gifts!

Whether it's a story of your heroic military dad, first responder dad, or an executive dad taking charge, you can share it here! Browse through our gallery! Be a part of our growing community! Have fun shopping for dad in our Way Cool Stuff section, or take a look at the Men's Fashion section and check out the latest styles! Check out our Health and Fitness section! Get gift ideas for men's wear, watches, and more for your dad; or just chat and make new friends! Inspire others, and get inspired yourself! Tell us what you think about our stories, tips, and videos!

At Way Cool Dads, we have everything you need to make the family trip a real adventure! Just browse through our fishing, boating, golf, and sportswear sections to find some amazing deals! This site aims to provide helpful information to make your family trips more memorable. You can also share your boating, fishing, and other adventures with us! Let us know how your dad takes charge when you're out camping. Share your adventures via photo and video! We are always glad to hear from you. We also want to hear stories of bravery and compassion from all those stay-at-home dads out there!

We celebrate dads from all walks of life for their heroic contributions. We ensure that daughters, sons, relatives, and even neighbors can share their stories about the cool dads they know on this website. Here at Sofia's Cool Dads, we believe that any man can be a father, but it really takes someone special to be a Way Cool Dad!

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