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Way Cool Dads is a site dedicated to amazing real life dads, their real stories, and their everyday interests. On this site, you will come across great dads who are real-life heroes in the eyes of their loved ones. This is your ultimate hub to get a glimpse into the lives of military dads, first responder dads, executive dads, stay-at-home dads, and dads from all walks of life. Way Cool Dads is a website meant for daughters, sons, family, friends and almost anyone who has experienced the heroism of a great “Dad”!

Feel free to share your cool dad stories with us. Let the world know how the hero in your life has saved, protected, raised, and stood by you when you needed it the most! Celebrate his heroism and heartwarming story with us. Even if it’s just an influential father figure, we want to hear all about him–he could be your neighbor, a relative, or just somebody you know!

At Way Cool Dads, we encourage you to share all the amazing and everyday things that make your dad the best! In our gallery section you can upload pictures, videos, and stories of great dads…but the fun doesn’t end there! Way Cool Dads is also about cool gift ideas. The best dad deserves the best gift, and you can find it here! From the finest in golf equipment and fishing gear, to the latest in cool electronics, we’ve got it all in one spot. Also, check out the men’s fashion section to get fashionable stuff for the man who never goes out of style!

For cool dads who want to go camping with their loved ones, don’t worry–we’ve got you covered as well. Just browse through our outdoor gear section. We also have a way cool health and fitness section for the dad who likes to stay in shape. Keep up to date on all the best ways to eat and stay healthy–after all, a strong man deserves a strong body!

We know all those who visit Way Cool Dads are passionately in love with their dads. Their dads can be the person who taught them to walk as a child, or just the person who taught them to believe in themselves. Whatever the relationship, whether formed at birth or through a life event, we value it! We know that there is a superman in everyone’s life on whom they can depend for support, strength, encouragement, and love. At Way Cool Dads, we believe in celebrating him and encourage you to share your experience with us!

We want to hear stories about the brave first responder dads who sacrificed in the line of duty for others. We want to know about the adventures and personal sacrifices of the military dad; the executive dad who taught his children to survive and win; the stay-at-home dad who made the courageous decision to put his children before his career. Whatever the situation, here at Way Cool Dads we always enjoy hearing about the man who nourished your mind, body, and soul…in other words, the man who made you the person you are today!

Ultimately, this site is dedicated to love and appreciation for dads all around the world–so let’s spread the love!


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