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Help dad stay in shape!

Cool dads strive to be fit, and try to keep up with the latest in men's fashion...they like to look young, and they like to feel young. Here at Sofia's Cool Dads, we know how much your dad cares about his health, so we've assembled a few of the things he's going to need if he wants to keep in shape! Some people are of the opinion that staying fit is only for the young--but we all know better than that. A super-dad will never really age. In fact, with enough work even dad can achieve that rock star look! There are plenty of methods out there to look young and feel energetic--with so many options, it can often be difficult to make the right choice. On this page, we've listed some of the best products and techniques to keep your dad young and healthy, so feel free to take a look!

Going green with natural weight-loss supplements!

It's possible to lose weight without going on too restrictive a diet. There are plenty of alternative green methods for weight loss: for example, fruits such as Garcinia Cambogia are great for burning calories. However, they often have to work in tandem with other dietary supplements. A careful balance of a healthy diet, exercise, and natural weight-loss supplements is a sure way to keep dad fit and trim! And don't forget to check out all the products that offer to boost immunity and aid in building muscles while you're at it!

The enhanced version of our all-time best-selling antiaging formula with vitamin D3. It is packed with even more antioxidants that can help stop the signs of aging and preserve telomere length on your chromosome$29.95

Bolster your immune system and keep the negative effects of chronic stress at bay with the most therapeutically concentrated Maitake extract available $29.95

Fight moodiness, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, and poor memory with doctor-formulated NeuroSur. Contains 5-MTHF that enhances your mood, detoxifies your body, and helps repair DNA. $29.95

Ekho P-950 Pulse Oximeter $129.95

Cardio 630 HRM $55.99

Selecting the best fitness equipment!

It seems like there's some new piece of exercise equipment advertised everyday. For the average dad, it can sometimes be a little confusing to sort through all the options out there to find the best possible equipment for him. Going to the gym is one option, but exercising can also be done from home, if you know what you're doing. Here at Way Cool Dads, we help take the guesswork out of finding the right fitness equipment for dad, so he can stay young and healthy. Whether you're looking for an advanced exercise bike, a top-of-the-line treadmill, or just some standard weights, we've got something here for you!

Vitastrong.This combo pack includes the best of the best. It has Arthro-7, Mega MSM, and OsteoNourish to provide comprehensive and complete bone and joint support. Save $9.90 when you buy all three.

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE $24.99 Promote a healthy appetite, manage weight more effectively, and lift your confidence with aid from Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best health decisions you can make for your overall lifestyle

GCB SuperLean reduces fat and decreases fat absorption to help you make strides toward a healthier weight $29.95

Nutritional support to help bolster your immune system. Put your health first so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. Give your body’s defenses a boost with Defense Pro.

A unique skin brightening topical formulated serum that supports even skin tone. You can help maintain the appearance of healthier, younger-looking skin at any age with this exciting formula called MelaClear. It targets dark spots, lighting them supporting a more even skin tone.

Arthro-7/Arthro-7 Topical Cream Package. Our original, best-selling joint formula plus our latest topical cream

Find a system that works and stick with it.

Eastern wisdom dictates that medicine is useless without a proper diet, and vice versa. So if you're taking dietary supplements, be sure to compliment them with a healthy diet. As dad ages, he'll need whatever he can get to give him that extra edge. Just remember: if your dad wants to stay a superman, then he'll need to work on a fitness plan!

Take the SlimX3 challenge and lose up to 20 lbs and 3 inches off your waist in 3 months

SurAsleep is the sure way to get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep. This fast-acting and non-habit forming natural supplement will help you manage and get a good night’s sleep.

With EPA and DHA for the heart, brain, and bones. This formula provides a healthy ratio of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, the “good fats” that help support heart, brain, and cellular health.

Velocity Indoor Bike $967.99

Phoenix Folding Treadmill $1,715.99

Coach M Rower $1,039.99

EnhanceMax by GardaVita works with your body to support healthy sexual function and stamina, without any side effects. It helps increase energy, sexual desire and free testosterone levels. Enhance your stamina, intensify sexual performance with EnhanceMax

DesireFem addresses your health holistically so you can enjoy a renewed, youthful experience of lovemaking. It promotes sexual vitality and increased pleasurable sensations, heightens desire and supports improved sexual function.

Support heart health with this renowned red wine extract. One bottle of GardaVita Resveratrol Complex contains more resveratrol than 800 glasses of red wine!

Champion Olympic Weight Sets, starting at $395.99

Wheeled Multi-Bench $404.79

Champion Rubber Medicine Balls starting at $105.59 set

Get the right accessories.

To achieve the best results, it's important to have the right accessories. Advancements in technology means there are plenty of options for health enthusiasts, like wireless wristbands that record your vital signs and track the number of calories burned. Proper gear can help keep dad working out longer. Ventilator tops, lightweight t-shirts, and training shorts are essential fitness accessories. An activity tracker and cushioned running shoes are important for acceleration and maintaining your work out regiment.

Tournament Bocce Set $169.59 set

Dart Set Plain $170.99 set

9″ Plastic Flying Discs Set of 6 $12.79 set

Go back to your hearty roots and help your system say hoorah!

Go back to your hearty roots and help your system say hoorah!

Go back to your hearty roots and help your system say hoorah!

Go back to your hearty roots and help your system say hoorah!