More Awesome Dad stories

“My dad’s name is John Bischoff and he is the world’s best dad.  He has always kept us safe and he is always going out to help other people he is the type of dad who will give you the shirt off his back and he did this one time he saw a homeless family with 3 kids sitting on the side of the road and they have been without a place to live for weeks and living on the streets.   The kids were 2, and 8, and 10 and he brought them to our house put them up and helped the parents get kids back in school and helped parents get jobs and helped get them a place to live.  That’s what he does he cares more for other people than himself and he is always teaching my sister and I that you need to help others at any sacrifice.  All I know is I hope I grow up and become just like my dad and every year he doesn’t want anything for father’s day he wants us to donate the money to charities and he says God will give him his reward for being a great dad and husband to my mom when he goes back to God.”

Austin Bischoff, 14 years old

“I have to submit this story for an awesome Dad – my husband, Eduardo Bryant.

Eduardo is such an undeniably awesome Dad, because he shows the most tender love to his children through times of incredible adversity.  What’s most amazing about that, is that he didn’t have that type of father.   His father sent his mother back to Panama when Eduardo was a child without giving him an opportunity to say good bye and shortly thereafter abandoned him (along with six other brothers and sisters).   He and his older brother took care of the younger siblings for quite a while before the Family and Children Services agency found out and placed all six of them in various foster homes.   

Afterwards, he spent the next 25 or so years making careless, selfish choices that landed him in one spot of trouble after another.   When we met, he was just turning 40.   We dated a year, were engaged a year, and married another year before we had our first child, Giancarlos.   It was a difficult delivery and we almost lost him.   Our son was in neonatal intensive care for a few days, and that was the first time I really saw Eduardo ‘light up” – was when he would go back and forth between NICU and my room to bring me pictures of the baby.   Since then, Giancarlos has had multiple surgeries and procedures (19 to be exact) that required many sleepless nights between the Children’s hospitals in Atlanta and Cincinnati.  But Gian’s “Papi” was there all the way.   Eduardo was hands on with medical treatments we had to do at home – all with love and tenderness to a fearful child.   Things I would have NEVER dreamed he was capable of.   Since then we’ve had two other children (Carlito who is 6, and Santana who is 4), and I see him putting forth a valiant effort to show them the same attention – to balance what he has done (and does) for their older brother.

Eduardo’s has had multiple medical problems that has rendered him unable to work.   Since then, he’s found his purpose in serving – not only through the mission teams at our church, but also within our home.   He’s totally devoted to our children.   That’s why I am in awe of him when I watch him with them every day.   I know that every drop of love he pours into them is genuine and heartfelt – definitely not signs of a behavior learned.  

Please consider Eduardo as an Awesome Dad!!!  He’s definitely an Awesome Dad to us!”

Angela Bryant
“Awesome dad and Double Blessing!  My dad, Edward Smith has been the best dad any daughter could ever have.  He always made our home life happy and often sacrificed for my brother and I.  The time he spent with us and the things he exposed us to are immeasurable.  But now as an adult myself and the mother of twins, he has been a Double blessing to my twins and given them double love, double exposure and double time!!!.   My dad, a Vietnam veteran,  shows his grandsons what a true everyday hero is.  He is the man who potty trained them, takes them to get haircuts, plays Santa and puts Christmas toys together in the wee hours of the morning and reads them stories at night.  He continues to make us proud to be an American and we salute him for his contributions to our family and the USA.  Thank you daddy for being a double blessing to our family in so many ways!!”

Tam la Watkins

“My father is name Meredith Elms and words can’t express how much I really love him.  He has done so much for me, my family, and so many others.  Whenever I need him or anything I can count on him to get for me and to be there.  Throughout my life I have always wanted to be like him which is kind hearted, loving, caring, and adoring.  My dad is just someone anyone can look up to and become.  I love my father with all my mind, heart, body, and soul; he is the most terrific father I could ever have.”

Aquanaut Elms


“Hi, my name is Dustin Gage. I’m 14 years old, in Hampton, GA. I just wanted to share with you how great my dad really is! My dad’s name is Daniel, 47 years old from Brock ton, Massachusetts. He has always been there for us even during hard times, and never ceases to amaze me how he does it when we’re struggling in this economy. When I was around 4 or 5 years old he was an OTR truck driver, and quit his good paying job just so he can be with his family more often. When someone is in need of help, he will bend over backwards, and take the shirt off of his back to help someone out, family or not. This is the same man who will pull off to the side of the road with his 4-Wheel-Drive SUV, and pull a stranger out of a ditch, then ask for nothing in return! Even after all he has done to manage a family in his life, he always manages to make time to do things for us, and to be a great dad overall!”

Dustin Gage

“My dad is the very best. He is my HERO. He served our country for 42 + years and never complained. He had 4 girls who all respected him and loved him. He has a wife that he adores and she adores HIM NOW for 60 years. He has 12 grandchildren who think “he is the MAN.”5 Great Grandchildren who love him and also believe “he is the Man.” My Dad is awesome. He just turned 80 years old and doesn’t act a day over 50 and we had a birthday party this past weekend and the entire family celebrated. My dad is the best and he is our MY HERO “Cool. Ben Pen ton” and also known as “Ben daddy”!!!!”

Benito Graham
“My husband is an awesome husband and an awesome Dad.  I wish there was some wonderful gift we could give him for Father’s Day to show our appreciation.  He is outnumbered 7 to 1 in our home as we have 6 beautiful daughters together.  He’s our hero, our protector, our voice of reason, and he’s a barrel of fun.  He encourages our daughters to be the best they can be and he definitely exemplifies a gentleman and shows them how a woman should be treated by a man.   He often sacrifices for all of us.  He’s the ultimate parent he never misses a moment.  He carries his Camcorder and tripod everywhere to ensure he captures every sports event, honorary moment, and precious milestone of our girls lives.  On Saturdays, he cooks a huge breakfast and often takes the kids out whenever I just need to rest.  Often our kids write stories about him being a superhero and how much fun he is to be around.  I am so thankful that God has shed so much mercy and grace on our family and allowed the group of 7 ladies to be in the presence of such a wonderful caring provider.  We could never thank him enough for all he does.”

Mrs. Jackson


“My Dad has been gone for a bit over 9 years now, and although I am not supposed to discuss him to the public or anything, I feel the memories of him are all I have left now to share… the way my Dad was along with his stories he used to sit and tell, strange but absolutely true, will always remain in my heart and mind. My Dad had cancer, but he acted as if it was nothing but a common cold and always said..”I have too much to do and live for, to die!” He had a great sense of humor in which he could make people feel good even on their worst days by telling a joke or one of his great stories of his childhood, or singing a silly song. Even though as I have said, he is at rest now, the memories of these days and times still make me feel good even on my worst days. I will continue to talk about my Dad even if it hair lips the devil, which it should!!”

Deplores Barnes